M034.zip - Access Denied

Hi guys!

I was trying to provision a vagrant environment that comes with the m034.zip file, this one:

Two erros appear:

In some point of the provisioning of mongod-m034, the shell tries to execute:

curl -o mongo-bi.tgz https://s3.amazonaws.com/mciuploads/sqlproxy/binaries/linux/mongodb-bi-linux-x86_64-ubuntu1404-v2.0.0-beta5-7-g048ac56.tgz

This gives me a Access Denied on S3:

  <Message>Access Denied</Message>

The another error was in the ldap machine with CentOS 6.4. In some point the provisioning tries to download some pip dependencies and fail. The urllib3 appears to be the problem, they were upgraded some time ago.
The command was:

pip install python-ldap

I don’t examine the file, but with the new ldap3 library in Python at least the installation works. And the same applies to the installation trough yum:

pip install ldap3 # this will imply code modifications
yum install python-ldap # this works fine

There is a m310-vagrant.zip that works fine. Maybe removing the other versions will help the most beginners users.


Good catch @Hector_68534.

I’m also getting the same error. This course (especially the lecture materials) are old and soon to be updated so I’m not surprised about this error. Suggest you manually download whatever it’s trying to download.

As for the second problem, it’s a Python 2.6 dependency issue. yum works because it does a dependency check and installs an appropriate version. Using pip install, the python-ldap version below is compatible:

NB: When you get to provisioning the main environment for this course (i.e. the database and infrastructure machines), you’ll encounter similar problems to #2. There’s a recent post of mine that resolves this (i.e. it mentions which versions of libraries to use).


Hi @007_jb!

Thank you. I tried to find some post with this error but didn’t find.

In the other versions we had to modify the mongodb installation adding –force-yes to apt-get.

But, because the course will be refreshed I igored this one.


Hi @Hector_68534,

This problem only started happening 4 weeks ago because some libraries dropped support for Python 2.7 from Jan 2020 that’s why the only posts you’ll see are from me. Plus, from what I’ve noticed, most people do only the labs and as a result you won’t find that many posts about VMs used in the lectures (like M034).

:slightly_smiling_face: :+1: