M001 basics assignments

I got this email from you guys:

Your assignments are due soon

Hi Horia,

We hope you’re enjoying M001: MongoDB Basics. We wanted to send you a quick reminder that course assignments are due Tuesday, September 15 at 5:00 PM UTC .

I don’t really understand what’s there for me to do; I’ve finished Course M001, I have the proof of completion in my Courses Dashboard.

Can you help me clear this situation? :grin: Thank youu!!!


You can ignore that message if you have completed the course
It is just a reminder that due date is approaching and it is sent to all students

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Hi @Horia_Neamtu1,

It’s just a homework reminder e-mail which gets sent out to every student. It says : If you haven't already, submit your assignments before the assignment deadline.

Since, you have already submitted your assignment so you can ignore it.

~ Shubham