Lecture: LDAP Authorization Steps

The lecture describes step 3 of LDAP Authorization as ‘Validate Authorization’. Then the instructor states a query against LDAP will return attributes or entities depending on the LDAP query structure. The results of either the attributes or entities will be mapped to user groups.

From a Mongo perspective, what are “User Groups”?

To my knowledge MongoDB does not have “user groups”. I reckon they mean “roles”, because that’s what we’ve seen in M310:

  • In LDAP, users are members of groups (through memberOf), or
  • In LDAP, groups have member users (through memberUid), and
  • In MongoDB a role is created with the name of the LDAP group with specific rights tied to it.

This is shown at 07:14 in the video “LDAP Authorization Setup.


Thanks Tess. I just needed a sanity check.

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