Lecture Handouts Missing from each video lecture


To follow along, I was trying to see if there are any handouts available, but I do not see that there are any handouts being added below each video lecture. This is very much needed in order to type and experience practically. Request you to add the Lecture Handouts.



Please see my previous messages to you on other courses.

Also, notice that there is a “Handouts” tab which has all the handouts for the current week. While you may feel it’s more convenient for you to have these lecture by lecture, that’s really not essential for most students. (Well, frankly, for any other student we’ve ever had in these courses.)

BTW, if you continue to post this, I will be forced to curtail your ability to post and will mark these posts as “Unresponsive”.

Previous most of the courses had handouts below each lecture which was very appropriate and convenient to download and use and follow along a particular lecture. It is convenient for me and I am sure it should be convenient for most of other students as well. My suggestion is to have a standard of ether having handouts available only in “Handouts” tab and not below each video lecture where ever necessary or have them below each video lecture. It is very confusing.

If I do not see something that is necessary and needed, I will make sure I post them so that others can benefit from it.