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I have studied about transactions from here however, I would have found educational videos like the ones in the courses better since the instructors explain the concepts from scratch along with the code implementation and use cases. Transactions are important operations in any database and I would like to know if such a course/video exists where I can learn more about it.

Hi @Susnigdha_Bharati,

Currently, there is no course for transactions. :slight_smile: But there are presentations, webinars on mongodb.com website that you may find helpful. Below is the link:



Part 1 - https://www.mongodb.com/presentations/mongodb-acid-transactions-getting-started

Part 2 - https://www.mongodb.com/presentations/mongodb-acid-transactions-deep-dive

Fortunately these webinars cover most of the details to get started with using transactions and the corresponding engineers also discuss about the different use cases and MongoDB’s innate ACID compliance when it comes to single document CRUD ops.

Thanks Kanika for the help!

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: Good luck.


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