LDAP setup and test challenges

I believe I have followed the steps below after adjusting them for the Centos OS of the infrastructure VM

  1. Configure saslauthd to automatically start and use LDAP as its mechanism.

  2. Configure saslauthd to talk to the LDAP server.

  3. Start the saslauthd service.
    I ended up using
    sudo saslauthd -a ldap -O /etc/saslauthd.conf
    I really do not think that is correct based on other discussion posts.

  4. Fix the permissions on the saslauthd socket directory.

Running testsaslauthd… I get
0: NO “authentication failed”.

Is there a log file to share? This question mentions one, but without a path.
HW-1.6 testsaslauthd auth failed

I did not share the minimal file details above as that is sort of “answer’ish” (well, hopefully in the end…).
Thank you for any guidance.

Hi Bill_89515,

You want to configure saslauthd on the database machine.



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