Lab 1.6 (0: NO "authentication failed")

getting the following error

vagrant@database:~$ testsaslauthd -u adam -p password -f /var/run/saslauthd/mux
0: NO “authentication failed”

not able to figure it out…tried many options…

any help is much appreciated.


Please check your config parameters
There are couple of threads on this
Try to search

I also ran into this issue and read through each existing thread, none of which really address the issue. One mentioned just starting from scratch, which I did, with no luck.

It does seem like another student in the course @Vimalprabhu_35972 ran into this issue today and then withdrew the question, so maybe they figured it out?

Ping works fine:

vagrant@database:~$ ping -c1
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.620 ms
vagrant@database:~$ sudo cat /etc/saslauthd.conf 
LDAP Server IP:
LDAP Search Base: ou=Users,dc=mongodb,dc=com
LDAP Search Filter: (cn=%u)

ldapsearch works fine on both machines:

vagrant@database:~$ hostname -f
vagrant@database:~$ ldapsearch -x -b ou=Users,dc=mongodb,dc=com '(cn=*)' -h | grep dn
dn: cn=adam,ou=Users,dc=mongodb,dc=com
[vagrant@infrastructure shared]$ hostname -f
[vagrant@infrastructure shared]$ ldapsearch -x -b ou=Users,dc=mongodb,dc=com '(cn=*)' | grep dn
dn: cn=adam,ou=Users,dc=mongodb,dc=com

Yes, I withdrew my question. Spent several hours to troubleshoot the issue but could not find where the issue. I saw Lecture:Enabling LDAP, I tried from scratch and it worked. May be I messed up with config settings at initial stage.

@Jeffrey_45001, @ramineni11 - Please watch the Lecture:Enabling LDAP. It helps you to set-up the config file in correct way. 3 things are important. Setting up saslauthd parameter, saslauthd.conf file and its permission. It should work.