Kafka Source Connector - Recovering from down time

I’m struggling with planning my data bootstrap because I may lose some data. I was thinking make a two step bootstrap, something like this:

1- Load existing mongo data at D-1 (D = Go Live Date, in this case, D-1 means the exact day before go live date) using a connector with copy.existing = true
2 - After all data is loaded, I drop the connector.
3 - At D-0 I want start collection live data, so i create a new connector without copy.existing property
- It’s assumed that between D-1 and D-0 users worked on application normally.

Using this strategy, my expectation was that i could able to collect the between before i dropped the first connector and the one created a day later. Unfortunately that wasn’t happened.

So, i tried a new test.

1 - Created a connector without copy.existing.
2 - Made some changes to db and validated successfully that data flowed to Kafka.
3 - Then i shutdown my KSQLDB Server (i use the KSQLDB embedded Kafka Connect)
4 - Made some changes in some db collections
5 - Started up again KSQLDB Server
6 - After connector was working again, i noticed that the data from step 4 wasnt recoved (data changes after restart was ok)

So, my question is. Do Kafka Source Connector manages downtimes or is some property in my connector config that i’m missing?

CREATE SOURCE CONNECTOR live-bckp-mongo-sk-campaigns WITH (
“connector.class” = ‘com.mongodb.kafka.connect.MongoSourceConnector’,
“connection.uri” = ‘{uri}’,
“database” = ‘{db}’,
“collection” = ‘{collection}’,
“topic.prefix” = ‘{myprefix}’,
“change.stream.full.document” = ‘updateLookup’,
“output.format.value” = ‘schema’,
“output.schema.value”= ‘{myschema}’