Is there a sandbox for developers to play with?

Hi, is there a sandbox kind of environment which we can use to learn, practice and play with basic cluster administration, just like we get in the some labs while doing course work? or may be can we setup on our localhost? If so, please share some instructions. Without such options I feel less than required practice and unable to acquire enough hands-on experience.


You can use any machine or host you want.

Hi @Shravan,

As @steevej-1495 mentioned, you can very easily setup a virtual machine on your system and install MongoDB on it to practice the concepts that you have leant in this course.

Earlier, users were required to setup a virtual environment on their machine in order to be able to take this course. But it was a time consuming and tedious process. Many users used to run into a lot of issues so we decided to use an In-browser IDE environment in our courses.

As a quick fix, you could also reuse the IDE space provided in this lab (after you have successfully completed this lab) : Chapter 1: The Mongod Lab: Launching Mongod.

Thanks for bringing this up. I will talk to the team about it and I will ensure we make the necessary changes in our course to facilitate more hands-on experience.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other feedback / questions.


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