Is it safe to delete the .pdb files while moving to production

I’m Trying to create a application which uses MongoDB. So I need to pack MongoDB with the setup, the size of MongoDB server for windows is about 254MB which is huge for a setup and downloading when the setup is running, so when checking found that .pdb files are large chunks that causing the issue.

When I check with internet found that these are optional files that are used during development and not during production, but it also contains dll and other stuffs required to debug.

I have run mongod by deleting the .pdb files, It runs with no issues. So is it safe to delete them and use ? will it cause any issues in future

Welcome to the community @magesh_70268!

You are right about pdb files. They are valuable in enabling debugging of compiled applications, and don’t need to be installed on end-user’s machine to make the app work.

However, I’m curious to know more about your use case here. Why not use a Atlas M0 free-tier instance instead of embedding mongod in the setup?

If you really have to embed the binaries, I suggest taking a look at Mongo2Go for dotnet apps.