Introduction: Hi, I'm Jamie!


My name is Jamie Langskov and I am the Sr. Community Manager here at MongoDB. In addition to a community leader, I am a mom, a stepmom, a former single mom, a dog mom, a wife, a fantasy/sci-fi fanatic, a recovering MMORPG addict, and tabletop game enthusiast. I was the varsity team captain for my high school softball team. I’m a published poet and a hobbyist artist. I once met Clint Eastwood on a playground.

Prior to MongoDB, I worked on the SAP Community (a business and developer community boasting over 2.8 million users). I’ve also held roles in traditional product marketing and field sales. Turns out, I’m a terrible salesperson. :woman_shrugging:

Today, I’m a passionate advocate of building a more diverse and accessible tech industry (and world!). This passion extends to making our community of builders and dreamers accessible, welcoming, and valuable for all of our members – from students to industry veterans.

I joined MongoDB about 4 months ago (Sept. 2019) and have been working feverishly to get this site ready for you. I’m very much looking forward to working with and getting to know you all.

I invite you to also share a little bit about yourself with your fellow community members. Communities - online or in your local neighborhood - are groups of humans, working together towards common goals. Our community can provide you with opportunities to grow your career, to strengthen your reputation, and to expand your professional network. Thank you for joining us!