Introducing myself

Hello Everybody,
I would like to shortly introduce myself in this forum.
I’m a frontend mobile app developer but I’m very interested in learning fullstack developing.
I’ve completed the Basics M001, Aggregation M121 and Performance M201 courses so far.
Last time this Security Course ran I also tried my hand at it but I discovered it was too difficult for my time frame. Security is obviously paramount in a web application and I’m very interested in learning what this course has to offer.

I’m writing here to introduce myself and sort of open the line for asking for help in completing and understanding this course.
I’d also like to know if there are any courses you think I should complete as a prerequisite for this one.

Best Wishes

Hi Mads

Welcome to the course.

We’ll be configuring and deploying replica sets and applying the security topics covered in this course to those clusters. If you’re not yet comfortable with configuring replica sets - I recommend M103 Basic Cluster Administration - I recommend taking this course either way !

Good luck and I hope you enjoy this course


Thank you, I signed up for the 103 course now.