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Integration with New Relic

I have configured 3rd-party service integration with New Relic with help of this documentation:

Set ID and keys, test connections works ok, but I can’t find any data from Atlas in New Relic.
My cluster tier is M20 type.
Also there is document from NR:
which has a reference of Atlas:

Our integration is compatible with MongoDB v3.0+. MongoDB Atlas is supported for tiers M10 and above.

so I suppose that this dos should work for Atlas, but instructions doesn’t work. They advice to create new role listCollections via MongoDB shell, but I can’t create it with because of error:

MongoDB Enterprise atlas-9n69k4-shard-0:PRIMARY> use admin
switched to db admin
MongoDB Enterprise atlas-9n69k4-shard-0:PRIMARY> db.createRole({
...     role: "listCollections",
...     privileges: [{
...         resource: {db:"",collection:""},
...         actions: ["listCollections"]
...     }],
...     roles: []
... })
2020-06-02T15:40:05.859+0000 E  QUERY    [js] uncaught exception: Error: not authorized on admin to execute command { createRole: "listCollections", privileges: [ { resource: { db: "", collection: "" }, actions: [ "listCollections" ] } ], roles: [], writeConcern: { w: "majority", wtimeout: 600000.0 }, lsid: { id: UUID("b90ffac4-046f-4e4a-b13e-e1de65370a15") }, $clusterTime: { clusterTime: Timestamp(1591112384, 4), signature: { hash: BinData(0, 48EA20F0F871C4EC7887C3BDE628F8BA00400601), keyId: 6807798656247267329 } }, $db: "admin" } :

Any advices?