Installing Mongo Shell

When I try to install the Mongo shell, it is asking me to enter my organization’s name, company name, and company email address. Since I’ve got into this using GitHub student developer pack, I don’t have a company email address. Please solve my query.

Hi @Pradyumna_K_Joshi, Please proceed by adding your personal email id. Not an issue with it. After clicking on submit button you will get download window.

Thanks for the information. What should I add in “Company”, because that is marked as a required field?

Add student for Company

Thank you for the help, @Manoj_Manikrao_Sawant and @Ramachandra_37567

Hi @Pradyumna_K_Joshi,

Hope you were able to download the MongoDB Enterprise on your system.

Let me know if you are still facing any issues.

~ Shubham

Yes, I’m able to download it. Thanks for your concern.