Insertion N elements to an array in MongoD whit References or controllator

Hi guys,

I need your help in fitting an insert of arrays of N Quantity to a field, from my controller.

Let me explain, I would like to be able to push to a field N record amount of an Array, I have tried to modify my schema with references of this type

field: [SchemaReference]

but since it is in different schemas I cannot, and what I want to do is to be able to save as much user mails as possible in a group, so that all of them can have a view of the message. this is my controller

saveGroup : function (req, res) {

        //recoger parametros por post

        var params= req.body;

        //validar datos


            var validate_nameChat = !validator.isEmpty(params.nameChat);

            var validate_email = !validator.isEmpty(;          


                return  res.status(404).send({

                    message:'faltan datos por enviar // Save', 




        if(validate_nameChat && validate_email){

        //crear objeto a guardar 

            var group = new Group();

        //asignar valores

            group.nameChat = params.nameChat;

            group.user = req.user.sub;



            var contacts = {

                user: req.user.sub,




        //guardar topic

  , groupStored) =>{

        //devolver una respuesta 



                if (err || !groupStored) {


                    return  res.status(404).send({


                        message:'Ya el tienes un chat con el usuario que quieres agregar'
                return res.status(200).send({
            return res.status(404).send({
                message:'Los datos no son Validos'

the schema is as follows

var Schema = mongoose.Schema;

var MessageSchema =  new Schema({

    messageContent:{ type:String },

    //idStatusMessage:{ type:Boolean },

    user :{ type: Schema.ObjectId, ref:'User'},

    urlFile:{ type:String, default:'Image.png'},

},{     versionKey:false,



var Message = mongoose.model('Message' ,MessageSchema);

var GroupsSchema =  new Schema({

    nameChat:{ type:String },

    user :{type: Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref:'User'}, 


    email:[ { type:String, unique:true, trim:true, require:true}],


},{     versionKey:false,



//cargar grupos


module.exports  = mongoose.model('Group',  GroupsSchema);

I found this kind of documentation { push: {field: { each: [element1, element2, …, elementN}}}
that could help me but I can’t find a way to apply it to be able to add different emails in the group