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I am getting an error when trying to import a JSON file to MongoDB via Compass

I am on Windows 10. I recently obtained a large JSON file (200 MB) via webscraping, and I am now trying to import the file to MongoDB using Compass Community via the import data button. However, whenever I try to import the file, I get the following error:

Unexpected token l in JSON at position 0 while parsing near 'l

Here are the first few lines of the JSON file I am trying to import:

    "bands": [{
            "activity": "Split-up",
            "bandMembers": ["", "", "", ""],
            "bandName": "A // Solution",
            "country": "United States",
            "dateAdded": "2018-08-04",
            "genre": "Crust Punk/Thrash Metal",
            "label": {
                "labelName": "Voltic Records",
                "labelUrl": ""
            "location": "California",
            "lyricalThemes": "N/A",
            "releases": [{
                    "numReviews": 0,
                    "releaseName": "Butterfly",
                    "reviewAverage": null,
                    "type": "EP",
                    "url": "",
                    "year": "1989"
                }, {
                    "numReviews": 0,
                    "releaseName": "Things to Come",
                    "reviewAverage": null,
                    "type": "EP",
                    "url": "",
                    "year": "1995"
            "similarArtists": null,
            "url": "",
            "yearFormed": "N/A",
            "yearsActive": "N/A"
        }, {
            "activity": "Active",

Does anyone have an idea on how I can fix this error?

EDIT: I just got this error after restarting compass:

Unexpected token : in JSON at position 0 while parsing near ': null,

Is this error related at all to the other one?

Can you post the whole JSON file here or a link to it so we can download it and test it?

Here is a link to the dropbox