HW2.1 why do i keep getting following error message

Hello TA,

Why do i keep getting following error message.

As per HW2.1, it says you need to bring up the 3 nodes with authentication enabled. Also it states to add the userAdmin first (thru’ localhost exception) followign which one does need to create remaining users.

in between are instructions for rs initiate to be run as sysAdmin.

But i am hitting a snag while creating first user itself. I have tried destroying the directory and create the fresh. but still getting same. Also tried with just one node up and stil lthe issue.

Would appreciate feedback.



NM, i figured it out.

key is in understanding the sentence in HW 2.1 “After you’ve created the sysAdmin user you can authenticate against that user and add the other running members to the replica set.”

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You might as well mark your last post as the solution.