HW 2.6 : mongod is not coming up

here is the command that i am using to start mongod on database VM.

mongod --dbpath /home/vagrant/M310-HW-2.6/r1 --logpath /home/vagrant/M310-HW-2.6/r1/mongo.log.log --port 31260 --enableEncryption --kmipServerName infrastructure --kmipServerCAFile ca.pem --kmipClientCertificateFile /home/vagrant/shared/certs/client.pem --fork

PYKMIP server is up. I am also able to telnet to infrastructure server on 5696 port from database VM

[vagrant@infrastructure shared]$ python pykmip_server.py
2021-01-21 03:29:20,706 - main - INFO - Starting KMIP server

vagrant@database:~/shared/certs$ telnet infrastructure 5696


Connected to infrastructure.m310.mongodb.university.

Escape character is ‘^]’.

Following is the error message in mongod log:

Unable to retrieve key .system, error: Failed to open connection to KMIP server infrastructure.

on KMIP server , i see the following error :slight_smile:

2021-01-21 03:35:04,145 - kmip.services.kmip_server - ERROR - KMIPServer <class ‘ssl.SSLError’> [SSL: WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER] wrong version number (_ssl.c:1826)

Never mind. This has been resolved after passing on infrastructure FQDN

vagrant@database:~/shared/certs$ mongod --enableEncryption --kmipServerName infrastructure.m310.mongodb.university --kmipServerCAFile /home/vagrant/shared/certs/ca.pem --kmipClientCertificateFile /home/vagrant/shared/certs/client.pem -fork --kmipPort 5696 --dbpath /home/vagrant/M310-HW-2.6/r1 --logpath /home/vagrant/M310-HW-2.6/r1/mongo.log.log --port 3126