HW 2.3 - not letting me enter a response

I have entered 1 response which was marked incorrect. I am now trying to enter another response, but the form shows me Try Again button grayed out. I have logged out and back in, but still nothing. Help please. Running out of time.

The Curriculum Support Engineers won’t be online until tomorrow morning. Try on a different browser and/or delete cache and cookies. And as a sanity check, check your system clock (just in case!).

I tried a different browser. Cleared my cache and all cookies. No luck. Still the same result!!! The engineering of these hw assignments is very very frustrating.

I used Chrome for all the courses I’ve taken and had no hiccups. Try Chrome if you haven’t already.

I’m using Chromium and tried Firefox as a backup… but thanks for trying. Is it possible that the state is wedged on the server? It keeps track of my progress on the course, so it would appear that may be the case. But I don’t want to reset that completely. :slight_smile:

btw, I was able to answer HW 2.4, so the entire thing isn’t wedged.

Possibly! Or it’s triple counted your initial fail and not reflecting that on the UI.

Well, this is getting stranger. I just discovered that if I type into the response field, it will take my response, but if I copy/paste into it, it will not. So I was able to copy/paste my response in, but then needed to enter an additional character (I typed a space), and then submitted. I am quite sure I have the correct answer as I exhaustively tested it, but it is still marked incorrect (on attempt 2). Can I send my response to you for you to review it?

Private messaging is disabled between students. Did you delete the space before submitting?

Probably best to wait till tomorrow for the Curriculum Support Engineers.

When I delete the space, it prevents me from submitting. :rofl:

Weird behaviour! I wonder if it has something to do with validation on the number of characters entered. Some text validation tools don’t see space as an issue because it trims both ends.

How many characters is your answer?

436, but I would think that it may be possible that two slightly different answers would be correct.

For this particular lab, I think that it’s looking for exacting strings.

Chop your string in half (without adding any space) and see if the submit button comes on.

ha ha ha. Well, this time it let me paste in the entire answer. I took a shot and submitted. Wrong again. Frustrating to get it marked wrong twice with the same answer. I guess I’ll check out the “correct” answer and see what differs. Thanks again.

I checked the “correct” answer. I think my answer is better and will discuss it with the gurus tomorrow.


No problem! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Any curriculum support engineers available this morning? If so, please review this thread from last night. I believe I have a response that should be marked correct, but is not. Wondering if I can get credit for it, especially considering that I lost a response due to the system not working properly last night. You can see the details in the exchange I had with 007_jb. Thanks.

Hi @Rick_47429,

Please check your discourse messages.

Let me know, if you have any questions.