HW-1.6, McAfee blocks vagrant (infrastructure) downloading

I logon to infrastructure VM, I could not find file in the “shared” directory. During “vagrant up”, I saw some errors ( Error downloading packages: kernel-devel-3.10.0-957.5.1.el7.x86_64: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try.). Then I tried manually download the file, I saw the downloading was blocked by company’s McAfee .

The “database” VM works perfectly.

My question is, can I prevision the infrastructure VM without downloading new packages? The failed command is,
yum install -y kernel-devel kernel-devel-uname -r gcc binutils make perl bzip2

Thanks for any suggestion.

It’s very interesting that McAfee would block this little step, but that it let all the preceding downloads and installs go through just fine. Unfortunately, to make sure the VMs work exactly as the validation scripts expect, the provisioning by the Vagrant scripts should finish fully.

@ Weimin_68796

Sorry, but I can’t help you here. I don’t have McAfee and, in any case, there would have to be some change on your end to fix the block. I’d suggest talking to your network or IT admin(s) and see if you can get this lifted.

I don’t believe that the validation scripts will work without the full provisioning, so I wouldn’t try a workaround here. FWIW. Good luck.

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Very amusing no doubt, but completely off topic and not appropriate for this Forum. I’ve deleted your post.


Thank you guys. The infrastructure VM instance can run,and I can logon to the vm, but shared folder does not show up and I cannot run some commands listed in HW. I probably will try the LDAP section with different laptop.