HW 1.6 - Creating the account adam

How do I create the account for ‘adam’ that’s listed in the HW steps? I understand how to create an user in mongodb, but I am unsure of what it means to create an account. I tried to create a user ‘adam’ but that’s not working either and I am not really sure what to do next.

Have you reviewed the the MongoDB Manual ??



The account is defined by the role(s) assigned to the user

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Cool, technique -may be using that in the future !


AS Wayne_71152 pointed out the create account step just means to create the users in MongoDB. You can review the lecture Enabling LDAP.

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Thanks for the help! I don’t know what I was doing yesterday but I just couldn’t create a user/account, I might have missed a step earlier on. I just went back and basically started from step 1 again and was able to get it to work.