HW 1.6 - authentication failed LDAP

When testing the ldap connectivity from the database VM to the LDAP server on the intrastructure VM, I’m running the following command:

sudo testsaslauthd -u adam -p password -f /var/run/saslauthd/mux

I get the following

0: NO “authentication failed”

I have failed the homework unfortunately. In the /var/log/auth.log file, i see the following:

Oct 23 16:22:17 database sudo: vagrant : TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/run ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/sbin/testsaslauthd -u adam -p password1 -f /var/run/saslauthd/mux
Oct 23 16:22:17 database sudo: pam_unix(sudo:session): session opened for user root by vagrant(uid=0)
Oct 23 16:22:17 database saslauthd[2320]: do_auth : auth failure: [user=adam] [service=imap] [realm=] [mech=ldap] [reason=Unknown]
Oct 23 16:22:17 database sudo: pam_unix(sudo:session): session closed for user root

Any idea what might be causing the auth failure?
LDAP server is running, saslauth config has been completed as follows:

LDAP Server IP: infrastructure.m310.mongodb.university
LDAP Search Base: ou=Users,dc=mongodb,dc=com
LDAP Search Filter: (cn=%u)

Permissions have been changed on /var/run/saslauthd
I can ping the inf server from the db server.

Hi dheensa,

Sorry you got that one wrong. If you did a strict cut and paste of the values from the assignment for saslauth.conf - then that won’t work. You need to supply the correct keys as well as the correct protocol to configure the saslauth

ldap_servers: ldap://infrastructure.m310.mongodb.university:389
ldap_search_base: ou=Users,dc=mongodb,dc=com
ldap_filter: (cn=%u)



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