HW - 1.2 validation

Why would the validation not accept my answer, after trying 3 times it finally told me that the required answer was the same with just a few blank spaces more. The reason I removed some of them was because I used mongod 4.2 and it gave some extra info in the document. Please update the validation scripts on the website to accept newer versions of mongo or at least ignore the whitespaces… No I’ll have a failed lab even though it’s not failed.

Hi @Velizar_47587,

It’s a simple matter of version control, that’s the premise of packaging this up in vagrant. This has been discussed in a few posts and unfortunately you didn’t come across one of them before your third and last try. At the moment, there’s a different course specific to v4.2+ and the Curriculum Support Engineers have advised that all courses are currently being upgraded and soon to be released.

So the advice here is in two-fold; stick to the version that the course material is provisioned with and search the discussion board (or post a question) when you’re stuck, getting wrong answers or require further clarity.

Hi @Velizar_47587,

Thanks for reporting the issue!!

I checked your course progress, but could not fid the lab where you faced difficulty with whitespace in labs. Can you please share the specific link of the lab?
Meanwhile, I can also check for the same issue in the labs for M310 course.

As mentioned by @007_jb, we are currently in process of upgrading our courses to the latest MongoDB version.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.