HW 1.2 output always show 'not authorized'

Not sure which I did wrong but db.auth(‘admin’, ‘webscale’) returns 1 already. The error as following while running validate scripts.

vagrant@database:~/shared$ ./validate-hw-1.2.sh

Somewhere in the homework description it is written:

Note: If you’ve successfully enabled authentication on the replica set, then the validation script should output a JSON object with two keys: unauthorizedStatus and memberStatuses. The first key confirms that authentication is enabled, and the second verifies that all members are still up and running.

I think this is the expected answer. I agree it is not clear that this is want they want us to cut-n-paste as the answer. Make sure you have no newline character between string values.

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Thanks Steevej-1495. That works. I did not realized it is the answer so I removed it from the post. It is very interesting that usually it returns some long complex string as validation code but this one dose not.