"HW 1.2 : Enabling Authentication on a Running Replica Set" doesn't like my answer, why?

I followed the homework instructions to set up my replica set using a generated keyfile. And I managed to create the required admin user account and I verified the replica set status by running rs.status(). So all good in the mongo shell.

I then run the shell script to get my answer. I can see the output is correct. There are two keys - one is “unauthorizedStatus” which is what server says when the user is not authenticated, and one is “memberStatuses” when the user is authenticated. Both messages are correct as far as I can tell from reading the shell script. The first one gave me the “not authorized” error message while the second one gave me the expected status of each member in the replica set.

But for unknown reason, the grading system just didn’t like my answer and rejected my submit.

My mongo shell version is 3.6.8 and mongod version is 3.6.8. Not sure if the version makes any difference?

Please help. Thanks!

It’s fine now; figured out why. I re-used the vagrant environment I had from other mongod course I’m taking. It turned out the mongod version does matter as v3.6 includes much more fields in the response although the nature of the response is the same. After I switched to M301 vagrant vm, the answer is accepted now.

Hi Waynesi,

Yes, I believe there are changes in the JavaScript engine used in the shell from 3.2