How to setup the lab environment on mac os 10.14.6

I have installed virtual box and vagrant software on my mac laptop. I could find the instructions on how to set up the lab environment. Not sure if I am missing something.

I see only the following instructions on course.

Installing Vagrant on OSX or Linux

  1. Install VirtualBoxDownload and installation should be straightforward. Go to the VirtualBox downloads page, download the setup binary for your appropriate OS, and run the installer.If you run into issues installing VirtualBox on a recent version of MacOS, you may want to look at this knowledge article.

  2. Install VagrantAfter VirtualBox has been installed you can go ahead and download and install Vagrant.

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If you have completed VirtualBox and Vagrant bring up your vagrant
cd to vagrant-env dir
vagrant up
vagrant status
You should see two entries(database & infrastructure)
vagrant ssh database
or vagrant ssh infrastructure depending on which environment you want to work
Once you are on the machine you can start your work/exercises/labs etc

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Thanks, Ramachandra for your response. I downloaded but i do not see the vagrant file in it.

This zip file has the following files.

Yes you don’t see vagrant in that dir after unzip
Are you getting any error in running the commands?
If you are hesitant try vagrant --version and vagrant status
vagrant reads vagrantfile.So you should be in the dir where your vagrantfile resides

I did this on Windows.May be others who did it on Macos can help you

Thank you, Ramachandra. after including the vagrant in the PATH variable, it started working.

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