How to build aggregation pipeline using Go driver?

How should we accommodate bson.M for the pipeline while writing aggregate using golang, following is the code snippet of mongo.

{$match: { clientStatus: { $in: [ 'ONB',D IS', 'HOSP' ] }, isActive:'Y'}},
{$project: {_id:0, tenantId:1, clientId:1},
        from: "org_contacts",

        let: { tenant_Id: "$tenantId", contact_RefId: "$contactReference.contactRefId"},
                                { $eq: ["$tenantId", "$tenant_Id"]},
                                { $in: ["$contactId", "$contact_RefId"]}
            as: "contactDetails"

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Here are some examples of writing aggregation pipeline using Golang driver. Hope you will find the answers from these code saamples.