How to avoid source connector to create the schema specified with "output.schema.value"


I tried to source data from mongodb and in configuration file I setted auto.register.schemas to false but the connector always created the schema. The schema I setted contains namespace fields but one generated by connector does not contain it, so that why I want to disable schema auto creation.

Thank you for you help.

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I figured out that for auto.register.schemas, it was misconfiguration. The problem now is that I get this error Caused by: org.apache.avro.UnresolvedUnionException: Not in union ["null",{"type":"record","name":"ChangeEventStreamId","namespace":"com.test.avro.model.season","fields":[{"name":"_id","type":["null","string"],"default":null},{"name":"_data","type":["null","string"],"default":null},{"name":"copyingData","type":["null","boolean"],"default":null}]}]: {"_id": "{\"$oid\": \"605b1f7148957c5fe341e471\"}", "_data": null, "copyingData": true} when I have the namespace in the output.value.schema. Any idea?

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