How should one work with indices?

I can find some examples for creating indices:

But listing them is where things are falling down for me. I can’t seem to find an example of List being used online.

The mongo-go-driver docs just reference the underlying command being used:

// List executes a listIndexes command and returns a cursor over the indexes in the collection.
// The opts parameter can be used to specify options for this operation (see the options.ListIndexesOptions
// documentation).
// For more information about the command, see

cursor, err := coll.Indexes().List(context.Background()) returns a cursor that I can call .All() on and provide it an interface.

Unfortunately, unpacking into []mongo.IndexModel{} doesn’t seem to work. @Divjot_Arora - would you happen to have a code snippet for listing indices?

Current code:

	cursor, err := coll.Indexes().List(nil)
	indices := []mongo.IndexModel{}
	is.NoError(cursor.All(nil, &indices))
	is.GreaterOrEqual(len(indices), 9)