How long are integration tests under Ticket: Connection supposed to take?

So all the tests passed by running pytest -m Connection and I am indeed able to connect to the atlas cluster and the database sample_mflix through compass/shell. On the status page however, it is taking forever to complete integration testing. I’m stuck on Currently Validating under Connection for almost 2 hours now. Following are my questions:

  1. I do not comprehend what is happening?
  2. How do I avoid this behavior? For context the flask app keeps restarting because it is detecting changes in pycache. I have worked with flask before and this is new for me. Please note, I’ve not changed any of the config files/ ini files etc. except what is expected of us through the lecture.
  3. Lastly, since this is about integration tests - should I expect this every time? Is it typical for integration tests to take so long? Here’s an image :

please post your config file