Homework 2.3 : Create custom role

Chapter 2: Authorization and Encryption

Homework 2.3 : Create custom role,

I am sure I responded correctly to the request, please verify and advice why its is returning incorrect response , Thanks

What is the error message?


Also, I beleive I responsded correcly to the question but result validation says incorrect for the 2.5 HW , please advice

As a sanity check, can you cross-check the highlighted sections below against your solution just to be sure that you’re following the requirements:

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Hi @mdb_user,

Few things to consider here:

For Lab: 2.3 :

  • You need to check the MANAGEMENT role, specifically the privileges field. I would recommend you to go through the lectures and the lab requirements again to figure out the correct solution.

For Lab: 2.5 :

  • Your answer is correct. It is only the output format due to which you are getting an error. Try going through the lab requirements again. Hint: Remove _id field from the output document.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.