Homework 1.3 x509 - not authorized

I have the replica set runnign with x509 authentication and user created for the client.pem cert. I can authenticate as that user and run commands - but I cannot seem to get validation to work. All nodes are started with FQDN. I keep getting this when running validation script.

{ unauthorizedStatus: {“ok”:0,“errmsg”:“not authorized on admin to execute command { replSetGetStatus: 1.0 }”,“code”:13}, memberStatuses: [“PRIMARY”,“SECONDARY”,“SECONDARY”] }

@ Rada_06240

Yeah, that’s a little confusing, isn’t it? Try just pasting your output as you have here and see what message you get. :wink:

Very confusing!! I spent about 2 hours trying to figure it out. Working on setting up authentication - you do not really expect to see certain messages in validate scripts! Finally figured it out. Thank you!