Homework 1.2 error

I can’t restart any mongod with the --keyFile option… It fails like this: ERROR: child process failed, exited with error number 1
Do you have any idea why? I have a keyfile, generated just like in Enabling Internal Authentication lecture…

@Camelia how did you shutdown the nodes? And let’s see a screenshot of the full error message.

I shut down the nodes one by one, starting with the secondaries, using db.shutdownServer()…

If you know how to read the log files then that would be the best place to look. Otherwise, comment out fork and all syslog options so that you can see the error message on the console.

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Thanks… The key file was the problem… Now it works

That was my thought too but I wasn’t sure whether the file had the right permissions, wasn’t accessible… it could be anything.

Glad you got it solved. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Thanks for the suggestion… I was so caught up that I forgot about the log file…

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