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Hi, I'm Eoin from MongoDB Education

Hi All, I’m Eoin :wave:. I joined MongoDB in late 2013 in Dublin, Ireland. I was part of the team that supported our customers and last year I moved to the Education team where I write, teach, and deliver training to our customers and to our own engineers.

I’m one of the co-authors of “MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Ed” and help run the MongoDB Dublin MongoDB Meetup group.

I am also involved in running MongoDB World as the technical programme chair. I help select and mentor the technical speakers to ensure we deal the best ever MongoDB World. If you haven’t checked it out, then please do so as it’s our flagship event for our community.



Hi @Eoin_Brazil,

Hello from the Mojave Desert in Southern California!! I’ve been a fan and student of MongoDB on and off for the last couple of years, Thank you for all that you do and thank you for all that you have done to educate others about MongoDB. My mom is from Ireland (originally) and I’ve been hoping to make it over there sometime in the future. It would be awesome to attend a MongoDB meetup in Dublin someday!! I look forward to diving into “MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Ed. Thank you for posting the link here!



Thanks @Juliette_Tworsey!

Wow, that’s a world away from Ireland. If you ever need suggestions for Ireland holidays, let me know. We’ve a nice list compiled here in the office as we often get that as a request for visitors.

Hope you enjoy the book as well!


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Hi, have you Garretstown down south of Cork at Old Head on your list?
Just a great spot for surfing, not much more :wink:
Faily recreational when you have a customer in Cork…

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Hi @Eoin_Brazil,

For sure, where I live is a world away from Ireland. Sometimes it feels like I’m living on another planet up here in the High Desert with all of the Joshua trees dotting the horizon.

I will be sure to hit you up for some holiday suggestions if/when I get over to Ireland.



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