Help with a sample_mflix alternative data source!

Hey there @kanikasingla and everyone . Im having a really bad time with atlas(3 days now), i tried everything and still, im unable to connect with my clusters (by no means shell, compass or driver) so is there is other way to get the sample_mflix db to work the course local?

What issue you are facing with Atlas or connecting to your cluster by shell/Compass?

I think it is possible to run locally also if you have the dump bt not sure on your validations/tests

Well i don’t know for sure what’s happening with my atlas clusters @Ramachandra_37567 . The thing is at this point they are useless as i can’t access them, no shell that fails with an dns error trying to acces primary cluster; no compas that timeout after 30s; and no driver either.
I really need a dump for work local ( I can’t get one from my cluster either with mongodump ) .
It’s not big deal break the a few tests , if i can’t have data access I can’t do anything . So if you or anyone can share a dump i will be grateful

post a screendhot of the issue

Thanks for your sugestion @steevej-1495 but there is not screenshot to evaluate in this case. I don’t have a clue of what is doing atlas with my clusters but I can’t access them outside the atlas portal. I have double check all posibles issues that may prevent me to connect but still something bad is happening.
At this point atlas clusters are not important at all, i jus need a sample_mflix db dump to work in my local mongoDB instance.

Are you still looking for dump?
Another option is create new cluster and repeat the process

Please check this thread.It has sample_mflix dump

Problem with wrong data

Thanks :pray: Ram i will check it out that dump.

Hey Ram thanks a lot, now i have my own mflix db up and running :+1::grin:.

Good to hear that

This dump I believe is quite old. @Dago_A_Carralero, please let us know if you encounter any issues.

  1. Are you having issues with atlas cluster? or
  2. Are you having issues downloading the course zip handout?


Hey there @kanikasingla , yes the dump is a little old and mismatching in deed, but at least i can work with that on local, is there other newish to download? Is ok i “retouch” some test to adapt them to this old data.
I had just a single but critical issue with atlas, i was unable to access my free tier clusters even when I check everything like ip restrictions , port availability and so on.

Please use this link for latest sample_mflix dataset… You can import this using mongorestore command like below:

   mongorestore --gzip --archive=sampledata.archive.gz

I would always recommend to use the course handout zip for mflix application code.


O thanks @kanikasingla , the handout is good, the problem was just the data availability.

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