Having problem with IDE

Hello All,

I’m from Luxembourg, we have been using MongoDB for a couple of years and I would like to improve my knowledge, I particular the administration.

I’ve just started setting up my environment for M103.
I have followed the course notes: Windows Vagrant_VBox installation (Jun-2019).pdf

On the last page:
Setting up the Vagrant Environment:

  1. Download the m103-vagrant-env.zip from the handouts section of this page. Create a
    folder in your home directory called m103 and copy m103-vagrant-env.zip into the
    m103 folder.

The handouts section of this page has 2 links to the same file (below).
Where is the link for: m103-vagrant-env.zip



Hello Kanika,

The section on setting up vagrant is missing. I’ve searched on-line and there are references to ‘Setting up the vagrant environment’ with the necessary course material.

Without this information, I don’t see how to continue?

When did you enroll for this course?
The recent version of course does not use Vagrant
You can do the course in IDE(browser based)


I enrolled yesterday.

The only handouts on the course are ‘products.json’ which I assume is the data set.

There seems to be no reference as to what to install. I searched on line and and can only find references about installing Vagrant etc.

Chapter 0: Introduction & Setup - Lecture 4 - Introduction to Linux Basics - Why?

Is a standalone (local) mongoDB server sufficient for the course?

I want to learn about mongo cluster administration, not vagrant.

Also, the introduction has a lecture about how to use the IDE. What IDE?

I want to lean about this subject, but is this course ready?

Purpose of IDE is exactly for above reason
You don’t have to install anything
Yes IDE is ready
Please follow the instructions and search our forum
It will have editor,terminal and test areas
Try to open a session and explore
Course instructor or other students who are familiar with IDE can help you more on this

You say that this course is about mongo db and not vagrant, yet there is NO installation instructions about the IDE without vagrant.

So how is the IDE installed?

Hello Kanika,

I am having a problem with the IDE for this course. It says that it will be installed automatically! But from where?

I have a local mongo server instance from a previous course which works fine as I can connect to it using compass.

But the documentation for the setup of this course will missing any instructions on what to install.

There are references to vagrant etc in chapter 0 and on-line. but a previous reply informed me that vagrant is not necessary.

just go to the lab and the ide is there. do not post the same issue in many thread.