Final Question 3


For question three it asks what data would be logged with the given filter.
It also states auditAuthorizationSuccess is set to true.
With the options that we have to choose from, it includes insert & insertOne, as well as, find & findOne. While attempting to verify if there is a distinction between these two as far as the audit log is concerned, I am coming up short.

While reading the documentation I found where they give an example of logging on CRUD operations but don’t specify if the general insert() operation includes or excludes the insertOne() for logging.

Also, are we supposed to assume the products collection already exists? If it doesn’t wouldn’t the insertOne() operation create that collection and then be logged due to the createCollection portion of the filter? Or is this option only for when the specific db.createCollection() method is used and not when collections are created implicitly?

I have been unable to find the clarification for these filter rules in the documentation and any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Chris,

I recommend starting a mongod instance with auditing enabled and use the audit filter supplied in the question and then running the commands. The answers should be certain.


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