Excessive Required Data for Signup

One of the things that typically causes me to withold account creation on a forum is the required fields in a signup form. One such example of that which gave me pause for account creation was the requirement of a cellphone # in the signup. Company name was also slightly obtuse, but I understand the requirement there to some degree. However, cellphone # seems excessive as I am fairly private about handing that data out. I’d love to see that field made optional so I’m able to remove that data from the site (I understand that it’s not shown on a profile, but all the same I’d rather it be more private than not)


Hi Corbin,

Thanks for your feedback! We’re already in the process of revamping the sign up sheet so I’ll pass along your comments to the relevant team.




Corbin, I agree. I initially skipped over the Company Name only to find that it was a required field.


I too agree that asking for a cell phone number should be entirely optional. Perhaps for use only when enrolling in 2 factor authentication.


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