Error importing external dependencies

I am trying to use SheetJS js-xlsx as an external dependency. I have uploaded it as described in

I have the following Realm function:
exports = function(){ const XLSX = require("xlsx"); };
However, I get an error “execution time limit exceeded” when I run it. I’d appreciate any help solving this.

Hi @Ilya_Sytchev

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Have you tried saving this function and calling it from outside of the debug console.

Even from another function or a schedule trigger, do you get the same issue?


Thanks. I’ve just tried running this function both from another function and from a scheduled trigger but I got the same error message.

Please verify that this package does not use an unsuprted module:

If not please provide the application url and Ill try to lookup.
If its urgent please open a support call.


Thanks, I see. It would be great if you could have a look at the package:


We are looking into that. I involved the realm team.

We suspect that the problem is number of code lines in the package…

Will update.


Thanks for the update! I’ve also tried uploading an alternative package ( but received the following error message:
Failed to upload node_modules.tar.gz: unknown: Unexpected token (62:14) 60 | } 61 | > 62 | async function* exploreWalkAsync(dir, path, followSyslinks, useStat, shouldSkip, strict) { | ^ 63 | let files = await readdir(path + dir, strict); 64 | for(const file of files) { 65 | let name =;


The dependencies are in beta and far from perfect.

We are working on improving stability and predictability…


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Any updates on this by any chance?

Hello @Pavel_Duchovny , one more import issue here :slightly_smiling_face:

I am trying to use Sentry SDK in Realm functions. This package depends on tslib. But I cannot import tslib, Realm shows following error:

Failed to upload unknown: Unexpected token (15:36) 13 | // Force a commonjs resolve 14 | import { createRequire } from “module”; > 15 | const commonJSTSLib = createRequire(import.meta.url)("…/…/tslib.js"); | ^ 16 | 17 | for (const key in commonJSTSLib) { 18 | if (commonJSTSLib.hasOwnProperty(key)) {

Does this mean that I better leave the idea to use Sentry SDK in Realm for now?

Hi guys,

I was trying to help on first response but the beta dependencies limitations are not owned by me.

CC @Drew_DiPalma maybe someone from Realm cloud could help…

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