Enabling Kerberos problem

So, as the instructor goes into vagrant ssh infrastructure, so do I. Then he types sudo kadmin.local and gets a meaningful response from the system. Meanwhile, I get sudo: kadmin.local: command not found

Before you ask, yes, I destroyed and then re-provisioned the infrastructure virtual machine. Same result.

Please help. Should I install Kerberos on the infrastructure or something?

His version has Kerberos already installed. Ours doesn’t. And kadmin:local is the DB for Kerberos KDC hence the error.

Unfortunately it appears that (unlike the LDAP lecture) this particular lecture doesn’t come with an infrastructure (file) installed with Kerberos. So if you can, install a lightweight version of Kerberos and have a go. Probably best to do it on a separate infrastructure copy.

It might also be worth mentioning this to the Curriculum Engineers via the Report an Issue button on the course page.