Dockerfile for M220P

Hey everyone,

I created a Dockerfile for this course to run the flask application, jupyter notebook, the mongo-shell and the mongo-tools on Docker. You can find it here M220P Dockerfile.
Note: I didnt create a docker container on the docker-hub, but instead just a dockerfile. It should serve merely as a skeleton for this project and be as general as it can be.

Continuing this course i might still update this repository and also add Docker Compose, who knows. But for now it serves my needs.

I hope this helps someone out there

Hi @tkgroot

Thanks for creating the Docker image and indeed we will likely consider using more container technologies in the future, however for the moment we primarily use Vagrant as a tried and tested solution, particularly given the range of operating systems we support.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this! I began working on a Dockerfile for the course’s application, but realized someone may have beat me to it. Works well :slight_smile: