Do i need to kill my cursors?

Hey there comunity how are you.
Im reading the 2010 edition of ‘MongoDB: the definitive guide‘ so don’t be afraid to yell at me if am talking nonsense( Still the book is awesome :clap:t2:).
I have seen that when we query stuff with the good old fashion ‘find()’ the thing that we get back it’s a cursor, with useful methods and properties to handle our docs; but that is just the one in the “client” our node.js process. As Kristina and Michael explain that cursor is a kind of mirror of the “real” one in the MongoDB server instance, that can perfectly be alive forever dragging resources of our db server.
So i will like to know:
For every new ‘find’ query is created a new cursor ? ( Using the course handout DAOs as implementation reference )
Do we need to kill our cursor when it’s job is done?
If yes, we do that with the Cursor.close() method mentioned in the v3.5 of the docs ?
Well i wish you all have a good day.