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DNS issues - ScrapeStorm not detecting Atlas cluster, but works on local Docker replica

Hi All,

I am new to Mongo, and I think the product is great. I have a connectivity issue with Atlas, and I am seeking advice. I believe a have a security/IAM issue.

I cannot establish a connection with the cluster using commercial software. I am using ScrapeStorm, which scrapes the screen, and inserts collections into a MongoDB database.

I have the ScrapeStorm working on my local docker replica, it injects collections into the database, and I have a python changestream handler waiting for change events. It all works well. When I try to access the Atlas cluster, I cannot find a hostname that the software recognizes. I get Failed to connect to server [] error message. I added my ip-address to the Whitelist.

What works:
1-Mongo command line and Compass works, I can attach to my database.
2-The entire exporting of the data works in my docker replica set, and change steam events are working.
3-I can ping the primary in the Atlas cluster, I get alive response.

Is there any security/IAM issues that needs to be resolved?

My apologies, if this topic is already covered. If so, please provide a link to the relevant information.


Hi Howard,

Are you connecting with the authentication and TLS context to the Atlas cluster? When you say that you can connect from the command line successfully: that’s connecting to your Atlas cluster from the exact same server that is failing to connect?