DB scripts as part of deployment

We need to design a way to manage and automate deployment of mongodb database scripts.

Today we do this adhoc and manually, and someone needs to remember to perform this every time we promote changes across environments. We need some mechanism to manage state of executed scripts and and not require having to rerun them in specific environments as well as we should be able integrate this with our CI/CD process.

Need some help and pointers regarding this, like something similar to DACPAC projects for SQL server and DACPAC tasks in Azure DevOps release pipelines for SQL Server. So what is the equivalent thing in MongoDB? By the way, we are using Azure DevOps for CI/CD.

Is there a way we can leverage SaltStack for automating deployment of database changes. Heard about PyMongo sometime before, is it related to that? Could you provide more pointers and/or documentation regarding how SaltStack could be effectively harnessed to deploy MongoDB database changes across environments?