Databse Connection failing

The ticket for database connection in which we have to run a bunch of integration test at status page are all failing for me. I followed all the steps for set-up, don’t know where the problem is.
At times there is no error displayed on command line even when the test is failing, while other times it shows “filter cannot be null”.

Please look at the following points:

  • Is the unit test passing?
  • Have you imported the dataset?
  • How many documents are there is movies collection? It should be 23530.
  • Are you able to connect to your cluster from your system?


Yes, the unit test is passing and i imported dataset by clicking on load sample dataset.
There are 23530 documents. Yes, I am able to connect to the cluster

We updated the handouts few days ago. Can you please re-download the handout zip and try again?

I downloaded it and tried, the first integration test “Connection” and I am getting the code. However, the rest of the tests are still failing

Have you implemented the other tickets yet?