Create/Update Comments: Unable to update comment

I’ve read all the related topics and output all the information already. Still cannot figure it out. Does anyone have some suggestions on it?

Thank you

Poxt related unit tests results.

Your post indicate 43 deselected on 43 collected. It means you have not specified an appropriate test case.

I thought I ran “pytest -m test_create_update_comments” is to specify a test case.

I know that this is what you did as it is clear from your screenshot.

It is also clear that this test does not match any test you have in your tests directory. I went back back to the course to see what is wrong. Did you run any other tests before? I am asking that because you do not invoke the tests as indicated in the lecture.

Testing and Running the Application

You can run the unit tests for this ticket by running:

pytest -m create_update_comments

You really must follow the instructions.

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Hi Steeve,

I solved the problem through knowing how to run pytest correctly. Actually I didn’t have any problem in the create_update_comments test, I failed part of the get_comments test. After I added the comments_should_be_sorted_by_date code and passed the get_comments test, I passed the create_update_comments test without changing anything.

Thank you very much

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