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I wasn’t able to complete all the M310-Ch.1 HWs in the due time. And I’m wondering whether to focus and complete the remaining chapters in time in order to pass the whole course.

I’ve seen in one of the lessons that the whole score weight is composed with 50% from the HW/Labs score + 50% from the final exam. Having that in mind, I’m wondering if, given that I manage to achieve a full score in the final exam I would be able to achieve a passing score for the whole course.

Based in the 50% HW score weight, is it safe to assume that (in M310’s case) each HW score worth 3.33% weight (already assuming the total as 50% of the total score).

Having that in mind, I was only able to complete 1 HW (1.1) from the 6 that compose this chapter, hence only achieving 3.33% of the score. Assuming that I’m able to complete all the future HWs, I’d reach a total of 33.33% from the 50% weight assigned to the HWs. Furthermore, still assuming that I achieve full score in the final exam,
my score would amount to 83.33%.

Now, to my main quest[ions] here:

  • What is the minimum score required to pass this course?
  • Is my line of thought correct? Or the calculations are completely off?

And that leads me to my side quest[ions]:

  • Considering that I fail to reach or am simply unnable due to the missing HWs, Is there a time limit to the course content availability?

If I’m not able to properly “graduate” from the course I would still like to go throught with it all the way, since knowledge > validation of the latter, but It’d be nice to be able to do it without any more conflicts.

Course assistants / support team, could you guys kinldy help me with this conundrum?

Sorry for the long line of thought, but I wanted to be sure that I haven’t botched the score ‘analysis’ before taking any of the aforementioned paths.

Thanks in advance! :beers:

Minimum requirement is an average of 65%. And while I haven’t checked your numbers, your line of thinking is generally okay. You just need to work on your averages :wink:

You can always check your status on the “Progress” tab of a course. In this case:

The labs are:

  • 1.1 - 1.6
  • 2.1 - 2.6
  • 3.1 - 3.3

So in total there are (6+6+3)=15 labs to complete. The overall score on this will be used to calculate your average. Passing only one out of fifteen labs will give you 6.7%, for example.

Now, assuming that you manage to pass all the labs for 2 and 3, your maximum achievable score is (1+6+3)=10 which result in ten out of fifteen, e.g. 66,7%. If you manage to get that score, you would need to score at least roughly 65% on the exam to pass the whole course. (67+65)/2=66.

  • Considering that I fail to reach or am simply unnable due to the missing HWs, Is there a time limit to the course content availability?

No, the course content will remain available to you.

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Thanks a lot or the quick and detailed response Tess!!

Great news! I still have a shot at it then! :relieved::relieved::relieved:

And as you noted, I really need some work on my math skills… haha
But at least I went towards the right direction.

Another side question though: where do I find the communityś user tutorials ? I’ve noticed you’ve completed both.

Ah! You go into your messages/inbox, at (please check that I didn’t misspell your name)

Over there you should find a chat from @discobot. Why don’t you have a chat with him? :wink:

I had completely forgotten about him.
I won’t neglect him anymore :smile:

Thanks again!

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