Contributing spelling fixes to mongo

Would anyone be interested in a subset of these changes?

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How did you generate this diff? I took a quick glance and I noticed that it’s not strictly spelling changes.

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Sorry, my link was wrong (too few dots, sorry, hand crafting URLs is dangerous, fixed) – there’s a big difference between .. and ... and it was late when I decided to post to this forum.

The noise you were seeing is because GitHub was showing divergence between master and the branch, instead of only the additive changes.

I have a tool which looks for substrings that are possibly misspelled. I iterate over its output, filtering out files / patterns:

Initially I use Google Sheet’s spell checker to pick replacements. Then I tend to run through the candidates looking for others. From there, I try to apply those changes. (Sometimes this goes a bit wrong.)
Then I try to review the changes to avoid being laughed at (because the above is basically a naive search+replace and can mis-match on a substring).
As I’m reviewing the hunks (which is quite painful), I try to make sure things still make sense / fit (e.g. if someone is using whitespace indentation and the replacement is longer/shorter).

@Daniel_Pasette: is the corrected link more reassuring?

Hi Josef.
Thanks for clarifying. I am interested in accepting the commit, mainly because it improves searchability of the code base, but there is some risk involved and validating the non-comment changes of the commit will be labor intensive. Most of the potential reviewers will be on vacation until Jan 4th, so we’ll get back to you then. Happy New Year and thanks for your contribution.


Thanks Dan,

  • Josh