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Comparing strings to ObjectIds in Rules

I’m having trouble creating a document rule for matching the (which I believe is a string) to an ObjectId field (_id).

The scenario is documents that have _ids which are ObjectId conversions of the authenticated user_id.

Here is the rule that does not work:

  "_id": ""

However, if I make an id field that is a string of the same value and adjust the rule from _id to id, it works.

Should I just make my document _id’s strings, or is there a way to compare an ObjectId to a string in a rule?

My solution is to make a string id field that equals the _id so I can compare it to %%user.

  "id": ""

It would be nice if I could do something like

  "_id": "ObjectId("

but this will work for now.

@Matt_Jennings Yes you can either use a string as an Id or use a function to perform the conversion and compare for you -