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Community Header & Footer Update

Hi everyone,

We’ve rolled out a new header & footer to align with the DevHub!

Important note: clicking the header icon no longer brings you back to the forums home page.

Instead, you’ll be directed to the DevHub homepage. This will make sense in the longer term as we bring more of the developer resources/properties together as a single experience, but it can be a bit jarring at first. If you need a direct link back to the forums homepage, please check the footer for now. We expect the menus in the header to also develop more, as DevHub develops more, going into the future too.

Thanks for your patience & feedback!



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Hello @Jamie,
the footer is always far away, I’d like to go with the keyboard shortcut
g, h (g followed by an h) this will jump to the home screen

More keyboard short cuts can be found by pressing ? in a non editor field.


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Thanks for the tip. This will help me.

Hi everyone,

We’ve updated the link in the top nav to point directly to the forums homepage until the top nav gets built out more to deal with this UX problem.